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Wartner - Wart Removal System (DME/Propane)

The Wartner Wart Removal System Wartner is the world's only OTC wart removal device that uses cryotherapy, the most successful method of wart removal traditionally used by physicians. Wartner uses a mixture of dimethyl ether (DME) and propane, both of which are commonly used as an environmentally safe propellant in products such as hair spray. This mixture freezes warts at a temperature of -57 C (-70 F). In comparison, liquid nitrogen, used by physicians, is effective at a temperature of -196 C (-320.8 F). Wartner works by freezing the core of the wart, caused by the contagious human papilloma virus (HPV). Wartner is easy and safe to use because of its foolproof application system. The patented "key" fits only one way in the top of the canister, eliminating any chance that the mixture will be released unintentionally. The DME and propane mixture is released into a foam pad attached to the key. This foam pad is then held on the wart for a single 10- to 20-second application. Wartner has been proven safe and effective in Europe since 1998 and is distributed in 30 countries. Wartner is the number one selling wart removal product in Switzerland and France. Wartner is safe and effective on adults and children age four and older. Children and teenagers are more likely to have warts due to a weaker immune system and higher frequency of contact with other wart carriers. Wartner consists of: An aerosol spray can with a mixture of dimethyl ether and propane, which is not harmful to the environment. Holder for the foam applicator. Ten foam applicators for ten treatments with Wartner The information leaflet in which you can read everything about the product, the way it works and the treatment of warts with Wartner.

How It Works For each wart, only one treatment is necessary. In persistent cases, repeat the treatment after ten days. Do not treat with Wartner more than three times in total. Consult your physician if three treatments have not lead to improvement. Wartner works as follows: You can recognize a normal wart by its rough, 'cauliflower'-like surface. The skin turns white when you press the foam applicator on the wart. A slight stinging sensation will occur as a result of the freezing. After removing the foam applicator, color loss and the aching, stinging sensation will rapidly lessen. As a result of freezing, a blister will form under the wart. This may not be visible to the naked eye where there is a thick epidermis. After about 10 days, the frozen skin with the treated wart will fall off. In the meantime, new skin will have formed under the blister.

Q1 What is Wartner? A1 Wartner is a new remedy to remove warts. Like the liquid nitrogen method used by the general practitioner, Wartner freezes the wart, causing the wart to fall off after about ten days. Wartner can be used at home. Q2 For what kind of warts can Wartner be used? A2 Wartner can be used to remove common warts on the hands and feet. Q3 What does a common wart look like? A3 A common wart looks like a lump on the surface of the skin of the hands and feet. You can recognize a common wart by its rough, 'cauliflower-like' surface. The common wart is caused by a virus that contaminates the skin. Q4 Are there other types of warts as well? A4 Aside from the common wart, there are three other types of warts that frequently occur: the foot wart or verucca plantaris. The foot wart also frequently occurs, and like the common wart, feels like a rough lump. It is also caused by the same virus that causes the common wart. The foot wart can be very painful, particularly if it appears on the sole of the foot, where it constant rubs against socks and shoes. Wartner can be used to remove this type of wart, but foot warts are more persistent than common warts. the flat wart or verruca plana. Like the water wart, this wart is commonly seen in children. Flat warts are smooth and only a couple of millimetres in size. They appear most often on the face, and on the arms and legs. This wart is also caused by the 'wart virus'. The flat wart is difficult to recognize as such. If you are in doubt whether you have a flat wart, it is advisable to consult the general practitioner. The flat wart can then be treated with Wartner, unless it appears on the face. "water warts" or mullusca contagiosa. These warts are commonly seen in children, but often fail to be recognized immediately as warts. They are ball- shaped lumps that are white or translucent with a dimple in the middle. In contrast to the common wart and the foot wart, they are smooth. They are also caused by another virus, the so-called large pox virus. They appear primarily on the stomach, back, arms and legs, but sometimes on the face as well. Basically, Wartner can be used for water warts, but when in doubt, always consult your family physician before initiating treatment. Q5 What should I do if I'm not sure whether a lump is a wart? A5 Always consult your physician if you're not sure whether the condition is a wart. Q6 For what kind of warts may Wartner not be used? A6 Wartner may not be used for: removing warts on the face or the genitals. Warts on the genitals are also referred to as genital warts; skin conditions with signs of inflammation; dark moles, dark-colored, hairy or otherwise unusual looking skin conditions which resemble warts; warts on children under the age of four. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Composition of Wartner Q7 What does Wartner consist of ? A7 Wartner is an aerosol spray can with a mixture of dimethyl ether and propane. Wartner works according to the nitrogen method. Using a sprayer you spray the liquid on the foam applicator. Since the liquid evaporates, it quickly cools off the foam applicator. You then freeze the wart by applying the cold foam applicator to the wart. Wartner is not harmful to the environment. Q8 What does a box of Wartner contain? A8 A box of Wartner contains an aerosol spray can with dimethyl ether and propane, ten foam applicators and a holder for the foam applicators. The box also contains a detailed information leaflet. Q9 What specific information is contained in the information leaflet? A9 The information leaflet contains information about: the use and the effect of Wartner. With the help of diagrams, an explanation is given on how Wartner should be applied to the skin; the contents of the box; how often you can use Wartner; certain cases in which you should not use Wartner; follow-up treatment for the wart; who may use Wartner; possible side effects of Wartner; a summary on warts. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Use of Wartner Q10 How does Wartner work? A10 Using a sprayer, you spray the liquid on the foam applicator. Since the liquid evaporates, it quickly cools off the foam applicator. You then freeze the wart by applying the cold applicator to the wart. As a result of freezing it, the wart falls off after about 10 days. Q11 Is it difficult to apply Wartner? A11 No. Wartner should be applied with precision, but it is not difficult. The information leaflet explains exactly how you should apply Wartner. Q12 How do I know how to use Wartner? A12 Each box of Wartner contains a detailed information leaflet. The diagrams help to explain how Wartner should be applied to the wart. Q13 Can I use Wartner in any room of the house? A13 No. It is advisable to use Wartner in the bathroom or over a washbasin or sink in the kitchen. Q14 How long must I press on the valve? A14 You press on the valve firmly for two to three seconds. Q15 What do I do after I press on the valve for two seconds? A15 After 2 to 3 seconds you release the valve and take the holder with the cold foam applicator out of the aerosol can. Q16 May I press the cold foam applicator onto the wart right away? A16 Yes. Q17 For how long may I apply the cold foam applicator to a wart? A17 The foam applicator may be applied to the wart for no more than 20 seconds. Q18 How often may I use the foam applicator? A18 Each foam applicator may be used only once. Q19 How many warts may I treat per hand or foot simultaneously? A19 Only one wart per hand or foot may be treated by Wartner at a time. Q20 How often may I use Wartner? A20 Wartner may be used 3 times per wart. For each wart, there should be a ten-day interval between treatments. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Side Effects Q21 Are there any side effects in using Wartner? A21 There are a number of possible side effects: Because you freeze the wart, the skin turns white; A blister develops under the wart, but this is harmless; Using Wartner may be painful; Applying the foam applicator to the wart for too long may lead to local tissue death. Therefore, never freeze the wart for more than 20 seconds; Always use Wartner very carefully and accurately. If you are not careful, scars and nerve damage may occur. Q22 How serious are the various side effects? A22 White coloration of the skin: as soon as you press the foam applicator onto the wart, the skin turns white. This coloration quickly lessens as soon as the foam applicator is removed from the wart. The appearance of a blister: the blister disappears as soon as the wart falls off the skin. New skin has already formed under the blister. Pain during use: a stinging sensation may occur as soon as the foam applicator is pressed on the skin. This stinging sensation is quickly reduced once the foam applicator is removed. Local tissue death: this will only occur during deep freezing of the skin. Therefore, never hold the foam applicator on the wart for more than 20 seconds. Scars and nerve damage: this will only occur from careless use that deviates from the information leaflet. Never hold the foam applicator on the wart for more than 20 seconds to ensure that there is no deep freezing and therefore no damage. Q23 What should I do if the side effects do not disappear? A23 Always consult a doctor if the stinging sensation does not disappear or if other complications occur through the use of Wartner. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Who May Use Wartner? Q24 Who may use Wartner? A24 You may use Wartner to remove warts in children above the age of four, but this should be done by an adult. Wartner may also be used by adults. Q25 Is it advisable to use Wartner for children? A25 Yes, Wartner can be used especially for children, however they must be over the age of four. Q26 Is the use in children under four dangerous? A26 No. The use of Wartner in children older than two years of age is basically harmless, but we advise against it because the treatment is too painful in younger children. Q27 May Wartner be used by pregnant women? A27 No. Do not use Wartner if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. It is uncertain how Wartner may affect patients in this condition. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Results of Wartner Q28 How effective is Wartner? A28 Wartner is based on the nitrogen method used by doctors. They now prefer to use this method because it is the most effective and the least painful way to remove warts. Q29 How quickly does the wart disappear? A29 It takes approximately ten days for the wart to disappear. Q30 What should I do if the wart does not disappear after ten days? A30 If the wart does not disappear after ten days, you can treat the wart again. Each wart may be treated with Wartner a maximum of three times. Q31 What should I do if the wart does not disappear after three treatments with Wartner? A31 If the wart does not disappear after three treatments, you should go to the doctor. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Treatment with Wartner Versus Other Methods of Treatment Q32 Why should I use Wartner if I can also go to the doctor for the same wart treatment? A32 Wartner has a number of important advantages: It saves time and is easy to use. You no longer have to wait for an hour at the doctor's office. It is less painful than the treatment at the doctor's office and in most cases Wartner is just as effective. Treatment with Wartner is less expensive than a treatment at the doctor's office. Q33 What is the difference between the nitrogen method at the doctor's office and a treatment with Wartner? A33 The nitrogen at your physician has a much lower temperature than Wartner, but Wartner is just as effective in most cases. Moreover, Wartner is less painful because it has a higher temperature than the nitrogen at the doctor's office. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow-up Treatment Q34 What is the best way to take care of the treated spot? A34 Ensure that the spot remains clean. Do not pick at or scratch the treated area. Protect blisters with an adhesive bandage and do not puncture them. Q35 Can the treated spot get wet? A35 Yes. You can shower and swim after treatment with Wartner. Q36 Is Wartner harmful to the environment? A36 No. Wartner is not harmful to the environment. Q37 Who makes Wartner? A37 Wartner is manufactured by Wartner Medical Products and Lil' Drug Store Products is the exclusive distributor in the United States. Q38 Where can I buy Wartner? A38 You will soon be able to buy Wartner at your local drug store or mass merchandiser like Wal-mart. Q39 Can children easily open the bottle? A39 No. Wartner has a child-proof cap so small children can not inadvertently use the product.

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