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Chemical Name : Benzoyl Peroxide

PanOxyl Information : For Maintenance or Treatment of Mild to Moderate Acne PanOxyl. Serious acne medication. No false promises. Helps clear your acne and keep it cleared. Available in a wide range of formulations that take your skin type and degree of acne into consideration. What is acne? When oil glands underneath the skin become overactive, pores tend to plug, and as pores get plugged, blackheads appear. When bacteria get trapped inside, they cause irritation, which can get nasty and turn into pimples. Contrary to all the hype, there is no magic cure. Acne is one of those conditions that can keep reoccurring. The idea is to learn how to keep it under control through a good treatment and maintenance (preventative) approach. Rubbing, picking and squeezing pimples won't make them disappear. It only makes them worse and can cause permanent scars. PanOxyl. Serious acne medication. PanOxyl is a respected, reliable range of products, long prescribed and recommended by doctors and pharmacists, which you too can use. PanOxyl's main ingredient is benzoyl peroxide. It is what kills acne bacteria and reduces fatty secretions from oil glands. It has been specially formulated in a simple, wide range of products that take your skin type and degree of acne into consideration. For mild acne (a few pimples) or maintenance of healthy skin, wash and rinse! Use PanOxyl Cleansers and Washes for maintaining healthy skin when acne is mild and to help keep your skin clean and pimple free. The wide range of formulations offers a personal preference approach, depending on what you are familiar with or comfortable using. PanOxyl Bar and Wash are ideal for the treatment of large surface areas such as back or chest acne. These two formulations can also be used for the acne on the face as part of either a treatment of mild to moderate acne or maintenance for both sensitive and oily skin types. PanOxyl Clear Acne Cleansing Gel has a unique dual formulation of two recognized anti-acne agents; salicylic acid 2% + triclosan 0.5%. It provides oil/fragrance free mild acne treatment and maintenance for oily skin and can also be used in combination with other acne products. PanOxyl Creamy Wash is a product combining a gentle benzoyl peroxide with moisturizers which make it an appropriate treatment for mild acne and maintenance for the facial areas in patients with sensitive skin. All cleansers, washes and bar are formulated for a wash and rinse action and ideally should be used on a regular basis to help keep skin clean and pimple free. For mild or moderate acne (a few more pimples), stays invisible on skin! Use a Gel or an Aquagel for treating the skin when uncomplicated acne requires more antibacterial action to help treat numerous pimples. Both stay on the skin and disappear when dry. PanOxyl Gel and Aquagel are not greasy and do not smell or show on your skin. Just choose one, depending on your skin type. PanOxyl Aquagel is ideal for fair, dry or sensitive skin, but if your skin type is dark or oily, PanOxyl Gel may be more appropriate. Make sure you smooth it on all over the affected area, not just on obvious blemishes. It disappears in a few minutes. PanOxyl is as serious as you are about dealing with your acne! PanOxyl doesn't make false promises. Regular routine treatment and maintenance is the key to success. Read the package insert for more information. Use PanOxyl exactly as directed. Using more than needed will not speed up the process and may cause irritation.

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